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The convenience of credit cards has transformed the way we shop and pay for our purchases. Credit cards provide a world of possibilities that cash simply cannot. Yet, it’s no secret that an increasing number of Americans face overwhelming credit card debt. The statistics are shocking, with the average credit card balance rising steadily over the years. Today, we’ll dive into the state of credit card debt and what it means for the average household in the United States.


According to recent studies, the average American household owes over $16,000 in credit card debt. What makes matters worse is the continued increase of interest rates on unpaid balances. Credit card companies often lure customers with attractive interest rates, which can jump to 25% or more when missed payments accumulate. This high-interest rate can add up and create a cycle of debts that keeps individuals in debt for years.


One of the reasons why credit card debt continues to increase is the tendency of consumers to use credit cards to fund purchases they can’t afford. This has led to a culture of overspending and dependence on credit. Using credit cards excessively can be disastrous, especially when there is no immediate plan to repay debts. It’s important to identify when debt is becoming unmanageable and seek financial guidance and support to develop a repayment plan.


Another reason for the increase of credit card debt is the lack of financial management skills among Americans. Many individuals do not have a budget that tracks their monthly expenses and often spend beyond their means. Without clear financial goals, it becomes easy to accumulate debt without being aware of the consequences. Financial education is critical in managing credit card debt, and it’s up to individuals to take steps towards expanding their financial knowledge. 


credit card debt

The TC Mortgage Advisors – credit card debt


It’s not just individuals and families that are affected by the alarming state of credit card debt; it’s the economy as well. The high level of household debt limits spending and affects the overall productivity of the economy. When individuals struggle to make payments, this leads to stress, low morale, and ultimately a decrease in productivity. Unmanageable credit card debt affects all aspects of life, including personal and professional life. 


Credit card debt is a serious issue in the United States, and it’s important that individuals take steps to manage their finances better. Being proactive and seeking financial guidance can help resolve debts and set individuals on the path towards financial security. Turning to the TC Mortgage Advisors to talk about a cash out refinance to consolidating debt, and seeking relief options can also help alleviate financial challenges associated with high credit card debt. It’s high time that individuals face the reality of their finances and take responsibility for their financial stability. Reach out to us at to help walk you through overcoming credit card debt!

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